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Stella Artois presents Metro Dining School — 8pm Session

Stella Artois presents Metro Dining School — 8pm Session

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Homeland, 11 Westhaven Dr.
Thursday 27 April

Stella Artois and Metro are excited to present a day of cooking classes inspired by the dishes covered in the new Metro Best Dishes feature, hosted by the MasterChef New Zealand 2022 winner Sam Low. Sam will be creating recipes based on two of the dishes on the list, putting his own spin on them. The class will give you an opportunity to cook alongside Sam, learning some helpful tips and tricks – and have a lot of fun while doing it. You do not have to be a good cook – just like good food.

These intimate, strictly-limited capacity events will be held at Homeland Cooking School and hosted by Metro and Stella Artois.

Purchase a ticket below for the dinner session April 27th. If you purchase you will not need a ticket to get into the event and your place will be reserved for you