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Townhouse Ramen 6:00pm 27 June seating

Townhouse Ramen 6:00pm 27 June seating

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For the first time ever, Wellington-based cult pop-up Townhouse Ramen is in Auckland for just one night, keeping to the same ethos it started out with: small, simple and delicious. Townhouse will be serving up only 60 bowls of ramen, 30 of those accompanied by an entree and a dessert.

The theme of the night is chicken — both broths are chicken-based.

Side dish
Karaage chicken, yuzu mayo.

Followed by a choice of:

Tori Paitan
Rich chicken broth, housemade noodles, chicken chashu, ajitama, menma, spring onion, nori.


Light chicken broth, soy sauce, housemade wholewheat noodles, pork chashu, ajitama, spinach, spring onion, nori.


Earl Grey mousse, dark chocolate, orange butter cream, blueberry compote.

Specially designed cocktails by The Candy Shop will be available on the night, as well as a selection of other wine and beer.

You are welcome to stick around and enjoy some drinks after your seating.

**Please note due to the nature of this event, we can not cater to any dietary requirements. If you have any questions about this, please email